John Cook

John "Airmessy" Cook

Hai! i am John, airmessy or just messy. I am your loud potty mouthed welshman that races mostly gt3.... Badly.... If you watch my stream expect many many swear words and every now and then a burping angry wife who likes to burp and give me random abuse. P.S. Also some shambolic racing.


  • Taught many people many new swear words
  • Lost 500 ir, an A licence and got protested in one stream.
  • Give up the lead in more than one race because I had to pull over to pee. (bloody peanut bladder)
  • Actualy found a woman to marry me.
  • Was allowed to sleep with said woman 4 times at least! (at least thats where she tells me the kids come from)
  • Once completed a carb cup race with the fov as far back as it could be while telling The_Jud and Showdown the opposite of what i was doing constantly in the style of William Shakespeare.

Recent broadcasts

19 jan 2017 John Cook

[60FPS/ENG] More world of shootyboats!

19 jan 2017 John Cook

[60FPS/ENG] Chill stream, no racing tonight.

18 jan 2017 John Cook

Mornings are meh!

17 jan 2017 John Cook

IMSA, Bosra league then stuff!

17 jan 2017 John Cook

GT3 @ daytona!

16 jan 2017 John Cook

Imsa win!

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